Monday, January 21, 2013

Barrett's Grill

One of the drawbacks of having a food blog (and this might be the only one) is the fact that it's so difficult to visit restaurants a second or third time even if I really like them. In order to always have new content for the blog these are the sacrifices I make (poor me). Barrett's Grill, I promise you, will not fall victim to this drawback. Why? Because I have been fiending to go back there ever since I left their restaurant the first time.

The highlight of my visit, and the reason I haven't been able to get this place out of my head, was their otherwordly French Dip. I always have trouble passing a Dip up if I see it on the menu and this is one time I'm thankful for that affliction. This was the best French Dip I've come across in my 30 years. The meat was cooked perfectly. It was tender as can be, juicy, and had just enough red throughout. And it was served on a roll that was made for a French Dip. It was crusty enough to withstand dipping into their excellent au jus, but it was soft enough that it never got in the way of the super tender meat. Everything I've mentioned thus far made for a great sandwich but what set this apart from all others was the horseradish sauce they served alongside it. The creamy texture and slight spice it brought have had me dreaming about this French Dip ever since I left Barrett's Grill. Served with crispy homemade french fries this is a sandwich worth seeking out.

If the French Dip hasn't convinced you that you need to visit this place then let me introduce you to their bread pudding. Good god, this was tasty stuff. It was thick, warm, was everything bread pudding is supposed to be. The candied walnuts they serve on top of the bread pudding were delicious and the crunchy texture made for great contrast with the gooey bread.

Obviously, I loved my visit to Barrett's Grill and I will return one day soon. If anything, reliving my visit while writing this post has only made me want it that much more. And you, reader, should find your way there as soon as possible.

Price: Can be expensive depending on what you order.
Recommendation: Hide your kids. Hide your wife. And go get yourself a great sandwich.
What to Order: French Dip and Bread Pudding

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