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If you're anything like me, you probably find yourself standing in your living room at 6pm, hungry, but clueless as to where to go for a good dinner. You want to try something new, but where do you go for ideas? That's where we come in.

The goal of Baltimore Bistros and Beer is to be your go to place for new ideas when looking for new places to eat and relax when the typical chain restaurant just isn't doing it for you anymore.

I'll be the first to admit that I have no background in culinary critque. I hope to avoid sounding like an amatuer Scott Conant and giving evaluations like I'm a Chopped judge. I'm no expert, but I know when my tastebuds are pleased and I know when I'm eating something unique and doing so in a fun and inviting place. Baltimore Bistros and Beer is the layman's site for food and restaurant advice.

In addition to enjoying good food and new restaruants, I also really love Beer (yes, I capitalized it). I'm also looking for good Beers and places to find Beers. I'll be sure to always make mention of restaurant offerings if indeed they have any.

Thanks for stopping by.

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If you're hosting an event or looking for someone to sample an item for feedback, please email me. My tastebuds are always happy to oblige.

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