Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DuClaw Naked Fish

If you've followed my blog at all you probably remember me referring to Sam Adams as the King of the Well Balanced Beer (or something along those lines). Seemingly every beer you try of theirs puts together the perfect flavor profile no matter the style. Well, if Sam Adams is King then DuClaw is next in line to the throne. Lately, I've been trying more and more of what DuClaw has to offer and nearly every beer leaves me impressed. They're all so full of flavor, and yet, they aren't overpowering at all. It's very impressive. Today, the beer we'll be discussing is their Naked Fish.

Style: Chocolate Raspberry Stout
ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 30

Appearance: It's not every day a Naked Fish turns you on, but that's only because you haven't seen it undressed and outside of the bottle. Pitch black with a massive khaki brown and bread like head, this beer is a real head turner. Even when I take into account the fact that all stouts look tasty to me, the head on this thing makes Naked Fish stand out as a great looking beer.

Nose: There were all kind of things going on with the aroma in Naked Fish, but nothing you wouldn't expect in a fruit stout. Roasted malt, biscuit, a little coffee, a touch of sweet fruit, and a dab of dark chocolate all come through. If that doesn't make you thirsty, then what are you doing ordering a Chocolate Raspberry Stout to begin with?

Taste: Naked fish is a smooth, easy drinker. Not an overly bitter Stout and not unnecessarily fruity either, Naked Fish is an extremely well balanced and drinkable beer. I don't always associate stouts with spring and summertime drinking, but this is one I can see being a go to stout all through the warmer months. In addition to the great flavor, I was also taken with the lighter body.

Final Verdict:  Naked Fish would make a great summer stout. If you're lucky enough to see this one sitting on any local shelves, be sure to pick yourself up a 6-pack. You won't be sorry.

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