Monday, April 22, 2013

Delia Foley's Pub and Eatery

Irish Pubs are one of my favorite types of restaurants to visit. Not only is the food and beer right up my alley, but the best of them always find a way to make you feel like you are at a home away from my home. The decor is cozy, the waitstaff is friendly, and the food is good without being too precious. Delia Foley's lives up to those expectations.

One of the first things Deana and  I noticed upon perusing their menu was their massive offering in regards to Wing flavor varieties. I did a quick count and came up with 32 different flavors including some of the wall stuff like PB & J. On the night of our visit we passed on the wings but in the future I'd love to get back there to try some. Instead, we decided to try out some traditional Irish Pub standbys as Deana went with the Fish and Chips and I ordered the Bangers and Mash.

I don't do fish under any circumstance so I had to look to Deana to decide if they lived up to expectation and as far as the fish was concerned she gave Delia Foley's a passing grade. It didn't rock her world, but she was more than happy with the crunchy fish they put in her. However, when it came to the chips we both agreed that they weren't our favorite. The chips were cut in a non-traditional fashion and had way too much seasoning on them. They didn't taste bad, per say  but they weren't what one would expect when it comes to a prototypical fish and chips dinner. 

The Bangers and Mash on the other hand were very good. The sausages were seared nicely and had excellent flavor. Thankfully, the "mash" in the Bangers and Mash were actually mashed as opposed to whipped potatoes. They were smooth but retained a bit of chunky potato character and they paired really well with the savory gravy. Come winter time this is a dinner that could help anyone warm up and relax.

For drinks we went with their House Irish Red and it was pretty good. I should have asked while I was there, but I can't seem to find anything online noting whether or not this is a beer they actually brew themselves or if it's a beer they call their house beer and it's really a regular commercial beer they are simply calling the house beer. Either way, it tasted good and went down well with our meals.

With me trying to visit enough restaurants to keep this blog interesting and ever changing I haven't found time for a second visit to Delia Foley's. But, rest assured I will find my way back there to take in the cool bar ambiance, good beer selection, and definitely to try some of their never ending wing variations.

Price: Average
Recommendation: It's an Irish Pub with a pretty good beer yeah, visit.
What to Order: Bangers and Mash

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