Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vaccaro's Italian Pastries

Deana has been raving about Vaccaro's pretty much since day 2 of our relationship. One of her favorite summer activities is taking in an outdoor movie in Little Italy and getting something sweet to snack on at Vaccaro's. Since we were in the area after we had dinner at Pacific Coast Dining Co., it only seemed natural that I finally experience this dessert mecca for myself.

The day we visited happened to be one of the last cooler days of the year and it pretty much rained all day. As we approached the pastry shop my anticipation for a great desert was going through the roof when I saw people were willing to wait outside in the rain before they could get inside to be served. Lucky for us, they decided to open the upstairs up just as we got there and we were able to avoid the rainy wait.

Neither of us were overly hungry since we had just finished dinner and after looking through a menu full of delicious desserts like cannoli's, rum cakes, and cheese cake we decided to split an eclair. Deana happens to be a big fan of chocolate and custard might be my favorite desert flavor outside of peanut butter. In our mind, this was the perfect option to appease both of our sweet tooth's (sweet teeth?). And to help stave off a bit off the cold rainy weather we both ordered a caffe dominic (aka vanilla flavored coffee).

Look at that picture! Isn't it beautiful? Unfortunately, it looked better than it tasted. The chocolate topping was good and the custard was nice and creamy but the pastry part was really stale. I'm not sure if they use a different refrigerator on their second floor and some of the desserts sit in there longer than usual because it has less traffic,  but this definitely wasn't fresh. I didn't want to rain on Deana's parade so I tried to figure out if this was as good as it always was for her in the past and she was pretty quick to confess that she was  let down as well. Even worse, the caffe dominic's we ordered were very bland to the point of being watery.

So, my first trip to Vaccaro's was a let down. Luckily, Deana has had enough good experiences with them that I'm willing to take her word and not ignore the fact that people are willing to wait outside in the rain for their food . As it stands, Vaccaro's will go on my to be determined list.

Price: Average for a pastry/bakery
Recommendation: To be determined
What to order: To be determined

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