Wednesday, May 30, 2012

La Tolteca

Normally, coming up with an intro for a restaurant review comes rather easily. Today, I have nothing. No matter how long I sit here and think the only thing I can come up with is rather straightforward. La Tolteca makes some good ass Mexican food.

If your only view into the Mexican culinary world is Don Pablo's, or god forbid Taco Bell, La Tolteca is a great stepping stone into the world of authentic Mexican cuisine. I think the common perception is that Mexican food is a type of food meant to overwhelm your palate with heat and a smorgasbord of spices. It's really not. Mexican food is very subtle in its flavors when done right. The spice should be there, but it should complement the ingredients, not be the only thing you remember about a meal.

Like a lot of Mexican restaurants, La Tolteca starts you off with complimentary tortilla chips. The difference? They give you homemade tortilla chips, have some of the best salsa around, and some sort of sour cream sauce that is out of this world. The salsa has such a fresh taste thanks to all of the cilantro and fresh onion. And the sour cream sauce is maybe my favorite part of any visit. It has a sweet creamy taste with just enough heat on the end to keep you going back for more. It's like a girl who isn't all that good looking, but she gave you a simple look and all of the sudden you can't get her out of your head for the rest of the night. This stuff really sucks you in. If you're not careful, you could go in with an empty stomach and be full before you entree is out because you've already eaten so many chips.

For dinner, I can't recommend enough ordering something that includes a chalupa. I ordered the number 19 combo that also included a burrito and enchilada. But back to the chalupa. Ashamedly, the only thing I knew about chalupas prior to La Tolteca were the taco like things from Taco Bell. Real chalupas are NOTHING like that. The chalupas are a fried tortilla shell with the creamiest refried beans, lettuce, and some of the best guacaomole around. The simplicity is what makes it amazing. The burrito and enchilada are also both excellent. Although, I think if I had to pick one the enchilada would come out the winner. The red sauce on top is delicious and the meat inside is incredibly tender and simply seasoned.

Really, as much as I love this place there isn't a whole lot more I can say about La Tolteca. The food speaks for itself. The next time you find yourself in the mood for Mexican let La Tolteca show you how it's done.

Price: Average
Recommendation: Excellent Authentic Mexican
What to order: Combo #19

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