Monday, February 11, 2013

My Favorite Baltimore Bars: Pub Dog

As I was deciding how I wanted to start this post out, I realized that I could fit Pub Dog into 3 different types of blog categories. I could do my usual restaurant review. I could throw them into the mix for The Great Baltimore Pizza Pursuit 2013. Or, I could add them in to "My Favorite Baltimore Bars". Well, it's been ages since I last added someone into that list, so that's where I'm going with this one. 

Pub Dog has long been one my favorite Baltimore Bars, but for different reasons than those I usually look for in a bar. For me, this is a great place to take a date for a laid back night out. The building itself is very narrow with what I consider to be dim lighting so it always feels kind of intimate when you're in there. It's kinda like sitting in a badass basement with a server bringing you beer and pizza. 

If you're on a first date the double beers they serve up will help ease the pain of that awkward first date conversation (or lack thereof). And while this brewpub doesn't brew up anything that is going to set the craft beer world on fire most of their offerings are pretty good. My favorite is the the Thirsty Ale. If you're visiting with someone who enjoys fruity beers, their Blueberry Dog always seems to do the trick.

The pizza is damn good as well. They offer up 20+ variations and of the flavors I've tried I've always left a happy customer. Good sauce, tasty toppings, and great crust....I'll have me some of that. Best of all, the pizzas are small enough that ordering two separate pies allows you to get some variety into your pizza eating repertoire. The Hawaiian pictured above is usually my go to and then I like to mix it up with the second choice.

If you find yourself in need of a date night, but you don't wanna make a big ordeal out of going out, Pub Dog is a great place to have a conversation, drink some beers, and snack on some delicious pizza. Best of all, you get to do all of that at wallet friendly price.

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