Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dempsey's Brew Pub & Restaurant

I really wanted to like this place. Actually, strike that, I wanted to love this place. Dempsey's is a Brew Pub in a baseball stadium headed by a former O's player. On paper, this place has what it takes takes to win a Pennant, but as the saying goes "we all know games aren't won on paper". Dempsey's isn't bad, but in the ever growing world of craft beer you really need to make sure what you're putting out can stand up to all the great offerings customers come across on a daily basis. Flying Dog is tapping casks every Friday at Camden Yards and there are a few locations inside the stadium offering a variety of quality local beers. Right now, Dempsey's isn't even in the same realm on the beer front and that kind of sucks when you're a Brew Pub.

The food, on the other hand, is rather good. Camden Yards, when compared to other ball parks I've been to, produces a ton of mediocre food. I go to a fair amount of games and I've never come across anything there that I feel like I can't pass up when I'm in the stadium. With that said, if I had enough time to arrive at a game early I'd rather eat at Dempsey's than anywhere else in the stadium. You end up paying roughly the same prices that you'd pay at the concession stand, but the quality you're getting in return is infinitely better.

Deana and I both like their burgers. You can tell you're getting a quality meat and the grill flavor they impart make them some of the better burgers around. Not top of the line, mind you, but still better than a lot of other places. The burgers are topped with plenty of fresh condiments (it varies depending on the type of burger you order) and placed on a good bun. The fries served on the side are above board as well. They are crunchy but the best part is that they are seasoned with sea salt.

Dempsey's is one or two great beers away from being a home run destination. The food is more than serviceable, but if you're crunched for time on game day you're not going to wait at a sit down restaurant. Unless, that is, if the promise of a great beer awaits you. So, come on Dempsey's, I'm begging you! Step your game up with the beer.

Price: Average
Recommendation: I'm going to pinch hit for Dempsey's right now.
What to Order: Any of their burgers.

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  1. On previous Gettysburg trips, my dad and I have traveled down to Baltimore for a baseball game. Went to some place in the inner harbor. Had awesome fried fish. Only thing I didn't like about the park was the seats we got. Were right above some of the concession stands. Fans were really noisy. Couldn't see scoreboard because of the upper deck. Still, I could see why they copied some of it when they built PNC Park here in Pittsburgh.

  2. The beer at Dempsey's is undrinkable. The beer has to be a mix.