Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A few weeks ago when I was visiting some family my brother introduced me to the Untappd App. The way he explained it to me was that it was basically facebook for beer.

And that's really what it is. If you're out trying a new beer all you have to do is "check in" to the beer and let people know what you think about it in 140 characters or less. You also have the ability to rate your beer from one to five bottle caps and post a picture of your beer. But the best part of the app is the ability to check into the location of the place you're drinking. You could be out drinking a great beer that is rare and hard to find. Load it on to Untappd and when your friends login they can see what and where you were drinking and try the beer for themselves.

Another fun little feature of the app that keeps you logging in are the badges you get for reaching different milestones. For example, a badge is awarded when you've checked into 5 individual beers from 5 separate countries.

Untappd can be added on an Iphone or Android making it super convenient to update while you're still out and about. If you aren't into playing on your phone while you're out or if you don't have a smart phone there is always the option of simply logging in to their website and participating.

Anybody that comes across post can feel free to add me as a friend. I'd love to see what everyone is drinking around town. Search for D Smiley and you will find me. Happy Drinking!

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