Thursday, March 29, 2012

Original Fish and Chips

Just like about every other couple in America, Deana and I find ourselves in need of a Wal Mart run every 2 or 3 weeks to stock up on the necessities of life. More and more frequently we find ourselves choosing the Wal Mart location on Carroll Island because the crowds aren't quite as bad as the others nearby. After trying Original Fish and Chips (located right across the street from the Wal Mart) last week my guess is that this Wal Mart has become our default from here on out.
Original Fish and Chips is a small take out establishment (they did have two small outdoor picnic tables), that I've been meaning to try ever since I moved to this side of Baltimore County. Heading in I wasn't quite sure what to expect because I don't eat fish but it turned out not to be a problem. The manager asked me what I like and when I mentioned shrimp he promptly pointed out all of the different options I had.

Not knowing that I was going to be served shrimp the size of of my hand, I ordered the 5 fried shrimp platter. I'm a pretty big eater and would probably opt for the 3 shrimp platter next time the shrimp are so big. Not only were they huge but they tasted very fresh and were fried just right. They obviously knew what they were doing when it came to frying the seafood and that made it all the more disappointing when I tried the chips. They were ample size but not crunchy enough to be considered chips. However, they more than made up for it with some excellent hush puppies. The puppies had a bright yellow inside and were nice and sweet with a tasty onion flavor in the background. I'm not sure if you can order a side of hush puppies, but if it's possible I think passing on the chips for more hush puppies is the way to go.

For the fish lovers out there, fret not, for my girlfriend tried the fish and loved it. She is a woman of few words but she mentioned at least 3 times throughout the meal that the fish was "great" and that she would visit again to try the fish any time. If it was so good she spoke up that often you can take it to the bank. The fish must be good!

Original Fish and Chips might be a little out of the way for some of you, but it's definitely worth the drive. The prices are rock bottom cheap, the portions are huge, and they know how to fry some seafood. If find yourself looking for a good piece of fried fish make Middle River your destination.

Price: Cheap
Recommendation: Visit ASAP
What to order: Fish and Hush Puppies or Shrimp

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  1. Man, i love me some fish and chips. I have to hold back from ordering it all the time. This stuff looks good.

  2. You really should try it. It's tasty and cheap.