Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thank you. Come again!

The rules are simple.  In ten minutes put together a list detailing as many things as can think of that you'd like to show thanks for. It sounds simple but when the pressure is on it’s harder than you’d imagine to come up with a list. So, without any further adieu, here are the beer and blogging related odds and ends I’m thankful for.

  • My wife for trekking around with me from brewery to brewery always being willing to try something new.
  • Belgium for creating some of the worlds most creative and tasty beers all inside one tiny little country.
  • Germany for sticking to the Reinheitsgebot and making this Helles lover happy.
  • Friends and Family who encourage me to write.
  • Maryland breweries all too happy to welcome tiny bloggers inside their business for a closer look.
  • Beers brewed to style.
  • Brewers that say style be damned.
  • CCMABBD (Continental Congress of Mid-Atlantic Beer Blogger Doctors) for being a great group of trusted beer bloggers and friends
  • Oliver Gray for being a level headed thinker and wizards of words.
  • Bryan Roth for looking to data to backup andecdotal claims and being the first blogger I noticed doing this thankful game.
  • Jake Scholan aka Hipster Brewfus for being funny as hell and having the courage of his convictions.
  • My brother Matt for brewing beer with me despite major shortcomings in my brew game. 
  • My readers.  Because everyone likes an audience.
  • Generous restaurants and breweries who help make doing a blog like this a little extra rewarding
  • Union Craft Brewing Old Pro Gose
  • Cask Ale without cookies
What are you thankful for? Your

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