Monday, September 30, 2013

My Perfect Baltimore Beer Week

Coming up in the not too distant future is one of my favorite weeks of the year. Baltimore Beer Week. For 9 days there are smorgasbord of great opportunities for beer lovers to get their craft beer fix no matter their budget. Some of the events cost nothing and some will set you back a few bucks, but they are all sure to provide a good time. Below, I've narrowed down the list to what I consider My Perfect Baltimore Beer Week...the events I'd like to hit up if money and time were no object.

October 18

  •          Chilibrew VII
    •  I  I love chili and I love homebrew. Having the opportunity to show off my skills and taste that of others sounds like my kind of fun.
  •          King of the Pins
    •     DuClaw, Heavy Seas, and a host of other breweries are battling out to see who can drain their pin the fastest.
  •         BBW Kickoff Party with DuClaw at The Judges Bench
    •     DuClaw takes over the taps and offers a special firkin of HellRazor
  •          Public Works Ales Debut at John Steven
    •     The debut of Public Works Ales. On tap will be Red Cent Amber, Fair-Shake APA, and Knucklebuster IPA
October 19

October 20

October 21

  •     Beer Hunter: The Movie
    •     Watch a movie and drink some homebrew. This is probably the event I'm most interested in as we all should know and thank Michael Jackson.
  •     Q&A with Union Craft Brewing
    •     Learn what it takes to take your beer to the big leagues
  •      Pumpkinfest
    •     30 different Pumpkin Beers at Victoria Gastro Pub

October 22

October 23

October 24

October 25

October 26

October 27

      Now obviously I don't have the time or money to attend all of these events, but in ideal world I'd be there for all of them. Take a look through some of the links and have a good time if you end up there. Maybe we'll bump into each other. And if none of these events sound fun (impossible, i know) or fit into your schedule, fret not for there are a ton of other events not mentioned here that might be perfect for you. Happy Baltimore Beer Week!

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