Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Maryland Beer: DuClaw Funk

DuClaw is one of my favorite local breweries and I'm a wheat beer obsessed fool. Logic says that when I add those two factors together the result should be one happy Doug. So, let's crack open a Funk and see if the logic plays out here. 

Brewery Location: Rosedale, MD
Style: Blueberry Citrus Wheat Ale
Serving Type: Bottle
ABV: 5%
IBU: 16

Appearance: Funk is effervescent and surprisingly clear for a wheat beer. I didn't notice any haze at all, just a vivid gold liquid.

Aroma: Blueberry is the most noticeable smell of Funk. As soon as I cracked the bottle open a shot of sweetness wafted it's way to my nose. After I poured the beer and the aroma had a chance to show its self fully, the blueberry smell came across as more Fruit Loops than blueberry. I could pick up a little lemon, but overall the blueberry masks anything else that might be going on.

Taste: Funk is without a doubt a fruit beer. There is lot of blueberry up front. Middle of the mouth a little of the wheat notes come in but it's quickly pushed back aside as blueberry and a bit of lemon dominant the finish.

Final Verdict: Overall, Funk is a refreshing summer beer which is extremely easy to drink. The fruit flavors are prominent without being cloying, but I'm left wishing the wheat flavor had the ability to shine through a bit more. On hotter days I can see reaching for one of these to quench my thirst, but because it's mostly sweet fruity flavors this isn't a beer I envision stocking my fridge with.


  1. I was also REALLY surprised with the clarity of Funk. A good lawnmower beer, but definitely not an everyday beer. My 6 pack has been in my fridge for a little while now haha

    1. Based on the clarity, I'm assuming it was filtered. I wonder if leaving it unfiltered would help build the wheat flavor back up a bit?

  2. Nice. I'm not usually a fan of fruit beers but for some reason I've always had a soft spot for blueberry beers. I'll be keeping an eye out for Funk.

    1. No doubt you should be pleased with this one then.