Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chaps Pit Beef

If you're from anywhere near Baltimore (and even if you're not) chances are you've heard of the famed Chaps Pit Beef. Thanks to shows like Man vs Food and Diners Drive-ins and Dives it's become a landmark destination for natives of Baltimore and visitors alike. With backing like that, how could I, an amateur food blogger, pass up a place like that?

About a year ago, when I first met my lovely lady Deana we decided to set out and try every single local restaurant featured on Triple D. I was super excited to try Chaps,but unfortunately, I came away wanting. I remember ordering the Habbit (Ham, Beef, Turkey, Cheese) and thinking that while it wasn't bad in any way, it was just your everyday ordinary sandwich.

About a month ago, after seeing the Chaps Triple D episode again, I decided to give them another chance as they made it look so good on TV I knew I must have visited on an off day. This time I ordered the Chaps Special. When you don't know what to order and you weren't thrilled with what you had the first time around is it possible to go wrong with something named after the establishment itself and including the word special? The answer is kinda.

Again, the sandwich wasn't bad but I still sat there looking at the damn thing saying "what the hell is so special about this stuff it makes it on to TV multiple times". The most prominent flavor on my Chaps Special (Corn Beef, Ham, Beef, Cheese) was cheese and Tiger sauce I put on after the fact. Kind of disappointing when you're looking to taste some top notch BBQ. With that said, if you're lucky enough to get some of the beef with bark on it you're in for a pretty taste bite. The problem I had was that those bites were few and far between.

I also ordered the gravy fries and I can happily report that they are top notch. The gravy has some seriously deep beef flavor and that alone gives me hope that sooner or later my visits to Chaps will payoff and I'll be singing the same praises that nearly everyone else seems to heap upon them.

Price: Reasonable
Recommendation: If you consider yourself to be from Baltimore how can you pass them up?
What to order: The Gravy Fries, but I'm still searching for a sandwich.

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